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£28.01£56.40 excl vat.

A stunning blend of German and Irish stone, offering a golden brown colour with a hint of gold.

A popular mix as it compliments most properties.

This resin bound gravel from an installation perspective is pleasant to trowel due to the smoothness of the stone aggregates.

Smooth to walk on due to the shape of the stone.

£28.01 excl vat.
£56.40 excl vat.
£36.00 excl vat.


Resin kits consist of 4 x 25kg bags of aggregates. Each kit will cover 4sqm at 15mm thick or 3.55sqm at 18mm thick.

Rock Type: Quartzite & Quartz

Rock Shape: Naturally Round, Some Angular

Ideal For: Driveways, Paths & Patios



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