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5 Big Benefits of Resin Bound Driveways

There has been a surge in the interest of resin bound driveways in the last few years. Though relatively new, resin bound paving is gaining traction in the UK for a lot of good reasons. That’s why contractors and similar companies are rushing to get a piece of the resin-bound paving pie.

Incompetent companies taint the reputation of resin-bound paving by installing them wrongly. If you get the right company, however, you don’t have to worry about the improper installation or a low quality driveway.

In this piece, we’ll highlight some incredible benefits of resin bound driveways. That way, you can consider this type of paving for your new driveway, or the next time you need your driveway resurfaced.

What Is Resin Bound Paving

You shouldn’t mix up resin-bound paving with resin bonded paving. They are interrelated and even sort of sound the same, but they denote different things. Both are surfacing technologies that involve aggregates and resin, but they have their differences.

Resin-bound paving is a surfacing technology for footpaths and driveways. It involves bonding aggregate with a SuDS compliant resin that meets all building standards and regulations. The bound aggregate is then applied with a trowel on the ground as paving.

Resin bonded paving involves scattering aggregates onto a resin base to form the paving. Visually resin bonded paving’s surfaces look like many small stones scattered on the surface, whereas resin bound paving appears compact and uniform all through. 

Apart from appearances and application method, resin bound and resin bonded surfacing also differ in their functionality. Resin bonded paving is waterproof and thus needs good drainage to prevent the formation of water puddles. Resin bound, on the other hand, is porous and therefore allows water to drain to the soil subsurface after heavy rain.

From the differences, it appears that resin bound has some advantages over resin bonded surfacing. However, since visual taste is subjective, some people prefer the scattered aggregate look of resin bonded surfacing to the smooth uniform look of a resin bound surface.

What Are the Benefits of Resin Bound Driveways

Hopefully, you’re well-acquainted with what resin bound surfacing is. Apart from the ease of installation and a beautifully smooth finish, there are plenty of other benefits for having a resin bound driveway. Let’s look at some of them.

1. It’s Weather resistant

Durability is a factor you have to really consider when selecting a paving type for your driveway. The UK doesn’t have any adverse weather conditions, but you can see the damage a little rain or excess heat does to concrete and asphalt driveways.  However, resin bound driveways can resist extreme weather conditions and maintain its structural integrity and its smooth appearance in any weather.

This weather resistance is all thanks to the resin, which is made from high-quality polyurethane that doesn’t deteriorate no matter the weather.  It’s a great alternative to concrete, which can’t handle extreme rain or cracks when there’s drastic temperature change.

2. It’s cost Effective

Do the math yourself, and you’ll see just how cost-effective a resin bound driveway can be.

Whatever the cost of purchase and installation might be, you have to consider how long your resin bound pavement will last you. Remember, over the years, you’ll only need minimal repairs or maintenance, such as brushing off any debris to stop build up, which doesn’t cost a lot.

The longevity factor is what makes resin bound driveways more cost-effective than other driveway types. However, be cautious of companies that offer you installation at very low prices. These companies are mostly incompetent or have to compromise on the quality of installation to make a profit at a low price.

3. It’s permeable

What sets resin bound driveways apart from other driveways is that it’s porous. That way, you don’t need any supplementary drainage for your driveway. Rainy seasons are an issue for most homeowners because the driveway puddles form on the driveway or the entire driveway floods.

Since resin-bound driveways are porous, surface runoff just seeps into the ground below. So you don’t have to worry about any water stagnating on your driveway. Plus, because the resin covers every single aggregate particle, the drainage is more effective and faster.

4. It’s Visually Appealing

With the right type of paving, your driveway could be an exterior highlight that complements the walls, roof, and the trees and hedges. The driveway is the first thing your visitors see when they get to your home. As such, it is important to have the most aesthetically pleasing driveway to make a good first impression for your guests.

A resin bound driveway has a smooth and almost silky finish. It is even all the way through with no loose stones, unlike resin bonded driveways. It is also a fine way to make your driveway stand out from your neighbors.

With the different types of aggregates and resin, there are a lot of colours to choose from. You should consider a colour that matches your home’s exterior to give your home that wow factor.

5. It Lasts a Long Time

As highlighted earlier, resin bound driveways last for a very long time with minimal maintenance. It is one of the reasons why getting a resin bound driveway is worth every penny. Expect your resin bound driveway to last you at least two decades and up to 30 years.

Resin Bound Driveways Are the Wave

Most stylish people have resin bound driveways, so why not jump in the bandwagon? Now that you know all the basics and benefits of this type of driveway, you should make a plan of getting one for your home.

Just remember that not all companies can give you an excellent resin bound driveway. You have to be very keen and selective when choosing a company for this task. If you get the right one, you can enjoy a beautiful, porous, and durable driveway for up to three decades.

If you fancy a quality resin bound driveway for your home, contact us today for professional, expedient and quality service.