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Resin bound is the best surface in Winter

As the daylight grows shorter and the temperature drops, we can tell that it is winter.  In the UK, it is common for the temperature to drop below zero Celsius.  This means that it is important to choose the best surface to cover your driveway, path/garden and playground.

Resin bound is the best surface in winter not only gives your area a beautifully decorative surface, it is also the safest surface for you and your family when the temperatures start to plummet.

Here are the reasons why the Resin bound is the best surface in Winter:

  • Resin bound is permeable, which means that when it rains the water is filtered through the resin bound system and there is little to no standing water left on the surface.
  • Due to the absence of standing water left on top of your long-lasting resin bound driveway, or resin bound pathway/playground, there will be no opportunity for the surface to become covered in ice.  Ice of course is a very slippery and dangerous surface for anyone to walk or drive on.
  • It is completely safe for you to spread salt on top of your resin bound driveway or resin bound path, if there is a hard frost expected.
  • The aggregate and gravel present in the resin bound system provide a type of anti-slip surface because of the slight roughness they leave, allowing for a type of traction for you to walk on.
  • As the resin bound process prevent weeds from growing, there is minimal maintenance needed on your resin bound driveway, which means that you can remain warm and cosy inside your home when it is cold outside.
  • A wooden shovel, not a metal shovel, is better to use to shovel away any snow, as it will not scrape or mark the resin bound surface

Living in a country, like the UK, where there is a lot of precipitation, frost, ice and even snow, you need to be confident that your driveways, pathways, gardens and playgrounds are completely safe surfaces for your family.  The resin bound system is the best way to make sure that your surfaces do not turn into dangerous, slippery hazards during winter, the longest season of the year.

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