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Resin driveway installations

Make your home the envy of the neighbourhood with a beautiful, durable, resin driveway installation. Installing a new driveway has never been easier! With our professional installation service, you can rest assured that your driveway will be installed quickly, efficiently and with long-lasting results.

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Resin driveway Installations always make the right impression

As one of the UK’s leading resin companies and 50 years combined experience, we are experts in both residential and commercial resin bound installations, including driveways, paths, and patios. Resin bound can be used along with rubber flooring solutions for children’s play areas and for non-slip surfaces in residential care homes.

Resin bound surfaces can be applied entirely on concrete, tarmac, and patio slabs. We provide services for both residential and commercial clients. Our UV resin and quality aggregates are thoroughly mixed before being laid, resulting in a more durable surface that requires less maintenance.

Suds UK will ensure your new driveway has the right foundations and drainage system. We guarantee quality and efficiency!

Take a look at some of our Resin Driveway Installation Projects

Benefits of resin bound surfacing for driveways & paths

No planning permission required – Resin based driveways, patios and paths are not only eco-friendly but also offer an anti-slip surface. The permeable gravel used in the installation allows rainwater to drain away and keeps your environment safe from hazardous surface water.

This makes resin bound driveways suds compliant, so no drainage systems are needed.
Wheelchair friendly – Wheelchair users can find the perfect outdoor solution with resin bound surfaces. They are hard, slick, and even seamless – enabling them to be used on wheelchair ramps too! This is an ideal way to make your driveways & patios look more stylish and complete.
Variety of bespoke options – Take your outdoor space to the next level by customizing it, with a choice of over 24 natural aggregate blends, various colours and patterns. You will stand out from the crowd with a stunning, unique and eye catching resin bound surface.
Minimal Maintenance – Resin bound surfaces are becoming increasingly popular amongst homeowners, due to their low maintenance needs. An annual power wash is the only thing required for the upkeep of such surfaces. There’s no need to worry about weeds, as a resin bound surface ensures there is virtually no weed growth. It’s a great option for those seeking a hassle-free outdoor solution.
Natural Look – Resin surfaces are made of 100% natural aggregate, in the colour of your choice. This produces a classic look, without any loose stones and requires lower maintenance, compared to other surfacing options.

Our resin bound blends

With 30 amazing blends in our collection, you will be spoilt for choice. For a unique look, why not create your own blend? We can help you with that, through our bespoke sample service and our enthusiastic team! Call 01438 572 010 to discuss your requirements.
Can’t find the specific blend you are looking for?
SuDSbound can match any blend that you require. Contact us today with your blend and we will bring it to life.
  • Autumn Dawn

    A favourite with traditional properties, this auburn coloured compilation is a mix of red and golden hues and includes nicely rounded shiny pebbles and granite stone which radiates a luxurious finish. Used best to compliment red brick properties.  
    £26.31£56.40 excl vat. View products
  • Caramel Latte

    One of our most popular resin bound colours and is a favourite of home owners who are after an attractive resin bound driveway or pathway that will bring out the bright colours surrounding it such as grass or flowers. The subtle yellow is not to overpowering but is still bright enough to make an onlooker notice. Resin kits consists of 4 x 25kg bags of aggregates.
    £31.11£56.40 excl vat. View products
  • Chestnut

    A tight-knit resin bound fusion of natural golden colours. Trowelling is made easy because of the round nature of the pebbles. An attractive natural looking colour and one of our most popular and bestsellers which offers a charming finish to any property.
    £28.45£56.40 excl vat. View products
  • Clarity

    This colour blend is part of our luxury range. Offering fantastic shades of pearl and yellows with a hint of silver giving a project a real sparkle. Creating a warm blend which works beautifully with any style of properties.
    £28.23£56.40 excl vat. View products
  • Coastline resin bound aggregate


    This is one of our new blends for 2023. The majority of this blend is a nicely rounded aggregate so it is comfortable to walk on. Hardwearing and attractive this blend is suitable for patios and paths as well as being perfect for driveways. This blend is a gorgeous mix of warm earthy brown, natural and chestnut tones with a tiny bit of black for good measure. Very versatile with its colouration, it is able to compliment many types of architecture. This blend is easy on both the eye and the pocket!.
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  • Coral Beach

    Our Coral Beach colour is a beautiful mixture of highly complimentary stones, red, black and gold offering a jewelled effect. More commonly used for coastal areas where there are substantial stone and rendered properties. For properties needing minimal further design features when laying the Coral Beach resin bound.
    £31.68£56.40 excl vat. View products
  • Cortado

    Cortado is full of beauty and character, sandy colours mixed with cream and silver specks. Creating a real head turner on any driveway, patio or path.
    £28.53£56.40 excl vat. View products
  • Crème Brulee

    This colour blend is golden, beige with a hint of brown. Crème Brulee is one of our best sellers and goes particle well against stone properties. Suitable for driveways, patios and paths.
    £28.87£56.40 excl vat. View products
  • Equinox

    A blend full of beiges and greens, giving all the beauty of spring. This blend goes very well against planted and grassed areas, making it a great choice for garden patios and paths also driveways.
    £26.34£56.40 excl vat. View products
  • Everglade resin bound aggregate


    Another of our newest blends of 2023. With stunning golds and a slight green overtone. This blend is an absolute gem! Suitable for all applications, driveways, paths, patios and pool surrounds. Compliments lawns, water features and landscapes beautifully.
    £22.12£56.40 excl vat. View products
  • Glacier

    Our Glacier resin colour is a lovely selection of stones. Offering an eye catching look for driveways or large landscapes. Its closed knit structure allows for a fantastic compression and a durable resin bound surface that will last the test of time. The Glacier colour compliments dark resin bound aggregate colours for borders.
    £25.88£56.40 excl vat. View products
  • Haystack

    Haystack is a very popular bend, consisting of angular yellow coloured aggregates with a hint of silver. This is ideal for overcast areas or just to brighten up the garden.  Ideal for driveways, patios and paths.
    £28.94£56.40 excl vat. View products
  • Beautiful dark grey marble, with undertones of mid grey


    Manhattan VT (Vehicle Traffic) is a dark grey marble, with undertones of mid grey. The overall finish is velvet like, dark but distinctly a unique resin bound surface. This blend is suitable for vehicle traffic. This is a Trade Kit, 105kg in size excluding resin, and is designed to be applied at 18mm thickness. At 18mm each kit will cover 3.5m2
    £32.04£56.40 excl vat. View products
  • Marengo

    Marengo is an eye-catching, naturally rounded, and angular resin bound aggregate blend. This blend is set amongst a sea of light and dark grey, interlaced with warm jewels of cream and gold permeating throughout. This stylish blend makes a spectacularly impressive contrast against traditional brickwork but also works well with darker stone. Marengo is ideal for pedestrian and urban areas such as driveways, footpaths, and courtyards.
    £26.89£56.40 excl vat. View products
  • Midnight Frost

    A stunning and unique contrasted mixture of white flint and Celtic plum. This design the perfect choice for those modern properties that want to stand out from the crowd.
    £31.34£56.40 excl vat. View products
  • Mocha

    Only the finest French aggregates are used in this blend, creating a beautiful golden surface that can be used on large areas. Mocha is varying in size, dimension and texture, also creating a very tight knit surface.  Can be used on driveways, patios and paths.
    £28.01£56.40 excl vat. View products
  • Moondust

    Moondust is a trendy mix of dark tones and part of the Suds new range of resin bound colours. It offers a very appealing look for any outdoor surfaces, be it a path, patio or driveway. It's closed knit structure allows for a fantastic compression and a durable resin bound surface that will last the test of time.
    £26.31£56.40 excl vat. View products
  • Moonlight

    A breath-taking look using silver granite, giving you the speckled appearance. The blend of silver granite aggregates blends in everywhere. Moonlight is one of the most favoured resin bound blends. This can be used on driveways, patios or paths.  
    £25.92£56.40 excl vat. View products
  • Mountain Spring

    With a colour palette of dark greens and whites giving a varying dimension of stone, making this option an ideal perfect blend for driveways. Producing a fantastic and elegant choice with its speckled effect.
    £24.25£56.40 excl vat. View products
  • Nebula

    This colour looks amazing on large areas. The light grey tones really make this colour blend stand out. Nebula really looks good against modern style properties due to its contemporary look. Suitable for driveways, patios and paths.
    £21.13£56.40 excl vat. View products
  • Nutmeg

    A stunning blend of German and Irish stone, offering a golden brown colour with a hint of gold. A popular mix as it compliments most properties. This resin bound gravel from an installation perspective is pleasant to trowel due to the smoothness of the stone aggregates. Smooth to walk on due to the shape of the stone.
    £28.01£56.40 excl vat. View products
  • Obsidian

    A porous and ideal alternative to tarmac.  Our Obsidian colour will allow water to drain through giving a huge advantage by reducing drainage costs. This striking black twinned with a stunning shine is perfect for resin bound borders or full driveway systems.
    £26.11£56.40 excl vat. View products
  • Ocean Pearl

    The Ocean Pearl is a luxury blend of aggregates, using cream and silver coloured stones, creating a fantastic pearl colour. This is a very popular blend due to its luxury appearance.  Suitable for driveways patios and paths.
    £30.33£56.40 excl vat. View products
  • Parian Marble

    Creamy sand tones running throughout, creating an even and consistent finish. Perfect for use on paths and patios this light coloured stone is a real head turner and makes for a stand out finish.
    £35.42£56.40 excl vat. View products
  • Sunset

    Sunset is a stunning combination of red and golden aggregates. This resin bound mix offers a warm tone. A lovely decorative surface with a great definition and texture and a very popular choice for commercial properties and homes alike.
    £24.44£56.40 excl vat. View products
  • Supernova

    A touch of silver and jet-black aggregates creates a stunning glitter like appearance. This colour goes very well with modern style properties. Supernova is a real eye catcher, recommended for driveways, patios and paths.
    £25.95£56.40 excl vat. View products
  • Tempest resin bound aggregate


    A fresh new 2023 blend comprising of angular lighter silvers entwined with black. Versatile in its application, paths, patios, pool surrounds and driveways just to mention a few. This blend is modern, clean and contemporary. We only recommend UVR resin is used with this blend. Extremely eye catching. This can be used on driveways, patios or paths.
    £26.01£56.40 excl vat. View products
  • Tungsten resin bound aggregate


    A new contemporary finish for 2023 featuring stunning darker silver greys dappled with black.  A spectacular blend of angular aggregates. Offering a striking contrast to a lawned garden, this blend compliments many different types of architecture from trendy modern to more conventional older style properties. Our Tungsten blend will definitely take your breath away. We only recommend UVR resin is used with this blend.
    £26.40£56.40 excl vat. View products
  • Volcanic Ash

    Offering a defined appearance and texture, these two resin bound colour is a strong mix of a strong aggregate. These UK sourced gravels are angular in shape and so creating an ideal resin bound aggregate for drives and ground cover. Ideal for high trafficked driveways as it is a great colour to mask dirt and tyre marks.
    £19.70£56.40 excl vat. View products
  • resin bound Walnut mix


    This is a mix consisting of sandy and yellow coloured aggregates, creating a beautiful decorative golden finish. A real head turner for any driveway, patio or path.
    £26.66£56.40 excl vat. View products