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3mm Snowfall resin kit

Resin Bound Kits


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  • Autumn Dawn

    A favourite with traditional properties, this auburn coloured compilation is a mix of red and golden hues and includes nicely rounded shiny pebbles and granite stone which radiates a luxurious finish. Used best to compliment red brick properties.  

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  • Caramel Latte

    One of our most popular resin bound colours and is a favourite of home owners who are after an attractive resin bound driveway or pathway that will bring out the bright colours surrounding it such as grass or flowers. The…

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  • Chestnut

    A tight-knit resin bound fusion of natural golden colours. Trowelling is made easy because of the round nature of the pebbles. An attractive natural looking colour and one of our most popular and bestsellers which offers a charming finish to…

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  • Clarity

    This colour blend is part of our luxury range. Offering fantastic shades of pearl and yellows with a hint of silver giving a project a real sparkle. Creating a warm blend which works beautifully with any style of properties.

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  • Coastline resin bound aggregate


    This is one of our new blends for 2023. The majority of this blend is a nicely rounded aggregate so it is comfortable to walk on. Hardwearing and attractive this blend is suitable for patios and paths as well as…

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  • Coral Beach

    Our Coral Beach colour is a beautiful mixture of highly complimentary stones, red, black and gold offering a jewelled effect. More commonly used for coastal areas where there are substantial stone and rendered properties. For properties needing minimal further design…

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  • Cortado

    Cortado is full of beauty and character, sandy colours mixed with cream and silver specks. Creating a real head turner on any driveway, patio or path.

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  • Crème Brulee

    This colour blend is golden, beige with a hint of brown. Crème Brulee is one of our best sellers and goes particle well against stone properties. Suitable for driveways, patios and paths.

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  • Equinox

    A blend full of beiges and greens, giving all the beauty of spring. This blend goes very well against planted and grassed areas, making it a great choice for garden patios and paths also driveways.

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  • Everglade resin bound aggregate


    Another of our newest blends of 2023. With stunning golds and a slight green overtone. This blend is an absolute gem! Suitable for all applications, driveways, paths, patios and pool surrounds. Compliments lawns, water features and landscapes beautifully.

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  • Glacier

    Our Glacier resin colour is a lovely selection of stones. Offering an eye catching look for driveways or large landscapes. Its closed knit structure allows for a fantastic compression and a durable resin bound surface that will last the test…

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  • Haystack

    Haystack is a very popular bend, consisting of angular yellow coloured aggregates with a hint of silver. This is ideal for overcast areas or just to brighten up the garden.  Ideal for driveways, patios and paths.

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  • Beautiful dark grey marble, with undertones of mid grey


    Manhattan VT (Vehicle Traffic) is a dark grey marble, with undertones of mid grey. The overall finish is velvet like, dark but distinctly a unique resin bound surface. This blend is suitable for vehicle traffic. This is a Trade Kit,…

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  • Marengo

    Marengo is an eye-catching, naturally rounded, and angular resin bound aggregate blend. This blend is set amongst a sea of light and dark grey, interlaced with warm jewels of cream and gold permeating throughout. This stylish blend makes a spectacularly…

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  • Midnight Frost

    A stunning and unique contrasted mixture of white flint and Celtic plum. This design the perfect choice for those modern properties that want to stand out from the crowd.

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  • Mocha

    Only the finest French aggregates are used in this blend, creating a beautiful golden surface that can be used on large areas. Mocha is varying in size, dimension and texture, also creating a very tight knit surface.  Can be used…

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Resin Bound Kits

Resin bound driveways/paths are an attractive and practical way to upgrade your property, and unlike block paving or gravel driveways and pathways, they do not let weeds grow through after time. And not only do they prevent weed growth, but they also stop the growth of unwanted algae and moss on your driveways and paths. A resin bound leaves a top quality, polished and smooth surface that will last up to 15 years.

Making resin bound a cost-effective way to make your pathway, driveway or patio better, with little maintenance needed to be done over its long-life span. Over time, driveways or paths are prone to losing their colour, but our resin bound products are UV stable and will look just as vibrant and attractive, even after years of contact with the sun. Making a resin bound driveway, pathway or patio a worthwhile investment, to last for years upon years.

A big problem with non-resin bound driveways/paths is flash flooding. Rain will stay on the surface and make huge puddles or flood the area if there is a big downpour – giving you the trouble of having to deal with flooding and puddles. Resin bound driveways/paths are permeable which means the water will drain through rather than being left on the surface when it rains.

However, resin bound driveways/paths are permeable, which means that they make sure that there is no standing water left on the surface when it rains. Which prevents the annoying and troublesome problem of large puddles or flooding on your driveway or path.

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need any specialist equipment or qualification to install resin bound driveway. As long as you are physically able to kneel, lift and do basic DIY tasks, you will qualify for the job. Our kits are easy to use, so you will be able to install your driveway or pathway with very little difficulty. At Suds, we supply you will a full resin bound kit, and you can contact us for any advice you may need. You can install your new, long lasting, cost-effective and top quality resin bound driveway with confidence. You can also buy some of our tool products to make the installation process even easier. Go ahead and choose from our vast choice of aggregates in many colours and add a personal touch to your home.

Our Resin Kit Contents

Each of our resin kits consists of 4 25kg bags of aggregates and will cover an area of 4 sqm at 15mm thick or 3.55 sqm at 18mm thick. You can customise your kit with the aggregate of your choice and resin to a weight of your choice – allowing you to get the perfect resin bound kit for your wants and needs.

All of our specific resin bound kits come with details such as rock type and shape, slip resistance and hardness rating which make it useful for you when selecting which aggregate you want to use. We also provide you with images of what each mix will look like so you can see if it is to your liking. This will allow you to properly assess what type of kit you want to use on your driveway, path or patio.

resin bound kits