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Marengo Resin Bound Kit

£26.89£56.40 excl vat.

Marengo is an eye-catching, naturally rounded, and angular resin bound aggregate blend.

This blend is set amongst a sea of light and dark grey, interlaced with warm jewels of cream and gold permeating throughout.

This stylish blend makes a spectacularly impressive contrast against traditional brickwork but also works well with darker stone.

Marengo is ideal for pedestrian and urban areas such as driveways, footpaths, and courtyards.

Our Margengo stone kit will consist of 4 x 25kg bags of aggregate which will require mixing.

Each kit will cover approximately 4m² when installing at 15mm depth or 3.55m² at 18mm depth.

We recommend a depth of 15mm for pedestrian areas and 18mm depth for areas subject to vehicle traffic.

We do not recommend using this blend with Non-UV resin.
Colour change risk is HIGH

£26.89 excl vat.
£56.40 excl vat.
£36.00 excl vat.

Marengo is a modern approach to darker greys. Flecked with some natural stone colours, this blend looks fantastic against modern properties with lighter coloured brickwork. Suitable and strong for all scenarios, be it a driveway path or patio.

  • Rock Type: Quartzite & Quartz
  • Rock Shape: Naturally Round, Some Angular
  • Slip Resistance (PTV): 78
  • Ideal For: Driveways, Paths & Patios
  • Hardness Rating: 5
  • Overall Performance: 5


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