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SuDSbound Catalyst 250ml

£15.80 excl vat.


We recommend the use of an accelerator/catalyst to ensure even, consistent curing.

A catalyst which can be used in conjunction with a two part component polyurethane resin to increase the cure rate.

Part A should be mixed prior to adding the accelerator. Using a syringe, add the accelerator and mix for roughly 15 – 20 second before adding the part B component.

Using a syringe to dispense accurately into the part A component of the resin.

Accelerator should be used for temperatures below 15°C.

Amount per (6.5kg kit) Amount per (7.0kg kit)
17.5 4.4ml 4.7ml
15 9.8ml 10.6ml
12.5 16.6ml 17.9ml
10 29.3ml 31.6ml
Weight 0.25 kg


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