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Tundra Resin Bound Kit

£30.77£56.40 excl vat.

The Tundra stone kit will consist of 4 x 25kg bags of aggregate which will require mixing.

If required, you will need to add your choice of resin below.

Each kit will cover approximately 4m² when installing at 15mm depth or 3.55m² at 18mm depth.

We recommend a depth of 15mm for pedestrian areas and 18mm depth for areas subject to vehicle traffic.

We do not recommend using this blend with Non-UV resin.
Colour change risk is HIGH

£56.40 excl vat.
£36.00 excl vat.
£30.77 excl vat.

This premium blend includes marble and provides a snowy mountain-esque mixture of colours. Showcasing a sharp contrast between light white snow and dark grey mountain stone. This blend suits any modern or traditional style properties. This can be used on driveways, patios or paths.

  • Rock Type:Marble, Granite
  • Rock Shape:Angular
  • Slip Resistance (PTV): N/A
  • Ideal For: Driveways, Paths & Patios
  • Hardness Rating: 5
  • Overall Performance: 5


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