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Resin for Driveways? Everything You Need to Know

What is it that’s holding you back from installing resin bound driveways on your footpaths and courtyards? Is it the cost of installation? Or are you still struggling to accept the fact that resin driveways are the best?

Whatever your reason for not using resin for driveways, you miss out on a lot and do injustice to your pathways.

The advantages of resin driveways far outweigh the other options on the market. It is easy to renovate your driveway, thanks to the numerous choices and options on the market. With the arrival of resin driveways, there is no need to look for other options anymore. Although resin is a relatively new product it is already being used by many driveway contractors. It has gained a lot of attention in a short space of time due to it’s durability and sustainability. It is a SuDS compliant product. Amongst it’s many features it is very low maintenance and is very attractive.

Resin for Driveways Create Smooth and Flat Surfaces

We use a resin bound system which gives you a very smooth surface. This is opposed to the more commonly used resin bonded system which uses loose gravel in the pathways and creates a more coarse and abrasive surface.

Normally, you settle for a resin-bound system when working on driveways that lead directly into your home inside your gate. Spare the resin bonded system for any pathway outside your gate leading to your home. It works best there.

High Flexibility of Design

The resin-bound system is flexible. This means you can perfectly adapt any imaginable design you may need into the system for a perfect driveway.

If you preferred paving, concrete or tarmac, then this is the beautiful alternative you should try in their place. Its wide range of colours and blends accords you the freedom to mix and enjoy outstanding design options.

They Create Permeable Surfaces That Are SUDS Compliant

If you have had troubles directing water to the sub-base from your driveways, then probably its time you tried resin driveways. Resin-bound surfaces are permeable, and they will easily allow water to flow through to the sub-base.

Because of their permeability, resin bound surface systems are SUDS compliant. But the sub-base has to be permeable and SUDS compliant too for this to last long.

Resin Bound Driveways are easy to maintain

During the installation of resin driveways, the resin binds with the original surface you are installing it on by selectively glueing it tight into place. That means it can keep off water and plants that may grow underneath to destroy it.

Suppose you get higher quality resin; then the better for you. Higher quality resin driveways can resist the effect of petrol or oil spills to avoid spoilage. They can also maintain their great colours and designs thanks to their ability to resist UV rays’ effects. 

They Are Safe to Use

A safe driveway is one that combines an attractive texture and is easily usable in all types of weather. Installing a resin bound driveway gives you sufficient touch of both characters. You will always feel safe using such a surface, regardless of the weather conditions.

You do not have to worry about the topography. Resin driveways are safe, whether you install them on a steep slope or a flat surface. So you won’t bother about falling when walking or any other type of accident.

Additionally, even when you are cleaning with soapy water, the surface still assures safety.

The Most Common Resin Driveway Challenges

There are a few challenges you will mostly encounter when you source for resin bound paving products. The challenges are even worse when you choose to install resin-bound driveways yourself.

Here are some of the typical challenges you are likely to encounter.

Incorrect Specifications

The main reason many resin bound systems to fail is because of the incorrect specification. Since bound surfaces are more costly and attract bigger profits than bonded systems, most sellers tend to give bound systems when it is bonded one that is needed.

A great and considerate resin surfacing manufacturer will advise you accordingly and sell you the most viable option of the two. 

Poor Installation

While this could not be entirely your fault as a buyer, poor installation is a challenge and that will make resin bound driveway cost you dearly. There is always a quack out there purporting to have the requisite qualifications needed for any job. 

Sadly, you may be the next victim for such people when sourcing for resin bound kits driveways services. 

The main reason for the flooding of quacks in this field is the sudden influx of installers who came in offering lower prices. Buyers go for low prizes while overlooking quality hence poor installation services.

Lack of Official Regulations on Installation

To date, there are no official regulations that surround the installation resin driveways. This has a negative impact on the quality of installation and pricing of the same services.

The only way out of this challenge would be to search intensely and do due diligence when searching so that you may settle for the best installer in the market.

Moss and Weed Growth

High quality resin bound systems can keep off moss and weed growth. But you aren’t always lucky to settle for the top-notch resin bound systems. 

These weeds and moss plants growing beside the driveways will encroach into the resin-bound driveways and make the surface slippery. This is very dangerous, particularly when it rains.

But if you maintain regular cleaning, then you can avert any danger caused by the plants.

Settle for the Best 

It is paramount that you engage in intense online research about the resin system you need and the service provider you are looking for. Knowing all these before going ahead with the installation can help you land the best services out there.

Therefore, if you are in dire need for a resin for driveways installation service, you may want to contact us for immediate assistance and best resin driveway installation services.