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SuDSbound Glow Gravel Aqua – 1kg

£36.00 excl vat.

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Glow gravel looks great on resin driveways, pathways. Giving stunning effects that will illuminate night after night and last indefinitely. A pale green in the daylight, this glow in the dark gravel charges throughout the day absorbing energy from the sun to glow green at night when darkness falls. Mix with resin bound to create a stunning star path that illuminates your garden night after night or use indoors to illuminate aquariums (wash first), set in clear resin to make funky kitchen counter tops or bathroom decorations or for glow in the dark artwork.
The ‘glow’ time and brightness depend on various factors such as how much light it will get in the daytime, and how dark an area it is placed (the gravel look better the darker the surrounding area). Even down to how different people see ‘glow’ in the dark so there’s no concrete answer, but ‘afterglow’ is around 10 hours.

Weight 1 kg


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